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Discover the U.S. Industrial Machinery Advantage

Since our inception in 1986, U.S. Industrial Machinery has had the privilege of working with customers across the U.S. ranging from local welding and metal fabrication shops all the way to Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, and all branches of the United States Armed Forces. Below is a brief list of larger, more well-known entities that have discovered the U.S. Industrial Machinery advantage.

Well Known Users

General Electric
Lockheed Martin
Bell Helicopter
Thyssen Krupp
Tyson Foods
Ford Motor Company
Nissan Motors
Honda Motors
Toyota Motors
Hyundai Motors
Boeing Aerospace
General Dynamics
Siemens Westinghouse
Mack Trucks
U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
U.S. Army
U.S. Navy
U.S. Marine Corp
U.S. Air Force
Frito Lay
E. & J. Gallo Winery
Tito’s Vodka
University of Mississippi “Ole Miss”

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