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High-Performance Milling Machines

U.S. Industrial Machinery’s line of milling machines offers a ton of user flexibility to make precision cuts for beautiful finished work. At our Memphis, Tennessee facility we complete the assembly, calibrate, test, and perform cosmetic upgrades of all in-coming machinery to ensure sturdy, functional pieces of equipment that can be put to the test of the most demanding jobs. All equipment comes with a one-year part and labor warranty, and our technical support is always available to help you troubleshoot any user problems. Contact us for a milling machine quote today.


Standard Features on U.S. Industrial Machinery Mills

Our line of milling machines features three standard models that offer the best in drilling, boring, and cutting of your materials. Choose from the manual variable speed mill, the heavy-duty manual variable speed mill, or the heavy-duty electronic variable speed mill. Each comes with the following features:

  • Sino 3-Axis digital readout inch or metric
  • Flood coolant and chip pan
  • Power table feed
  • Power quill feed
  • Machine light
  • Enclosed electrical cabinet
  • Circuit breaker protection
  • Low voltage controls

Contact Us for a Quote on Milling Machines

U.S. Industrial Machinery services businesses of all sizes throughout the country. We are committed to offering a higher level of customer service than other machine sales companies. We prove this by providing customer support for the life of our products when most others do not. Our reputation has earned us the business of many nationally recognized operations, including Sunoco, Toyota, Honda, Ford, and NASA. Don’t see a mill in our inventory that will meet your needs? Contact us to discuss custom-built equipment. We can provide a milling machine to perform every service.


Quote PDFs By Model
Table Size - 3 t-slots, 5/8" on 2.5" centers2VH-3-KIT9" x 49" 3VH-3-KIT10" x 54"3EVH-5-KIT10" x 54"
Table Travel w/ Powerfeed Installed 2VH-3-KIT29"3VH-3-KIT34.4"3EVH-5-KIT34.4"
Cross Travel w/ Readout Installed2VH-3-KIT11"3VH-3-KIT15.5"3EVH-5-KIT15.5"
Knee Travel2VH-3-KIT15.74"3VH-3-KIT16.5"3EVH-5-KIT16.5"
Ram Travel 2VH-3-KIT12"3VH-3-KIT18.5"3EVH-5-KIT18.5"
Quill Travel 2VH-3-KIT5"3VH-3-KIT5"3EVH-5-KIT5"
Power quill feed - .0018, .003, .006 IPR2VH-3-KITYes3VH-3-KITYes3EVH-5-KITYes
Head Tilt - Left and Right - With Degree Scale 2VH-3-KIT 90 degrees3VH-3-KIT 90 degrees3EVH-5-KIT 90 degrees
Head Tilt - Front and Back - With Degree Scale 2VH-3-KIT45 degrees3VH-3-KIT45 degrees3EVH-5-KIT45 degrees
Ram Swivel on Turret - With Degree Scale 2VH-3-KIT360 degrees3VH-3-KIT360 degrees3EVH-5-KIT360 degrees
Spindle Taper 2VH-3-KITR83VH-3-KITR83EVH-5-KITR8
Machine Ways, Table, Cross and Knee 2VH-3-KITDovetail3VH-3-KITBox3EVH-5-KITBox
Maximum Weight of Workpiece and Fixture 2VH-3-KIT500 lbs.3VH-3-KIT 660 lbs.3EVH-5-KIT 660 lbs.
Electrical Cabinet with Disconnect & Circuit Breakers 2VH-3-KITYes3VH-3-KITYes3EVH-5-KITYes
Spindle Drive 2VH-3-KIT3HP3VH-3-KIT3HP3EVH-5-KIT5HP
Vari-Speeds Spindle RPM Range 2VH-3-KIT60 to 4200 3VH-3-KIT60 to 4200 3EVH-5-KIT60 to 3750
Voltage, 3 Phase 2VH-3-KIT220 or 4403VH-3-KIT220 or 4403EVH-5-KIT220 / Option 440
Amp Requirement @ 220 Volts2VH-3-KIT103VH-3-KIT153EVH-5-KIT15
Machine Weight 2VH-3-KIT2550 lbs.3VH-3-KIT 3400 lbs.3EVH-5-KIT 3400 lbs.
Shipping Dimension - L x W x H on skid 2VH-3-KIT6' x 6' x 80"3VH-3-KIT6' x 6' x 80"3EVH-5-KIT6' x 6' x 80"
Includes Schneider Electronic Spindle Drive 2VH-3-KITNo3VH-3-KITNo3EVH-5-KITYes
Includes Manual Variable Speed Spindle 2VH-3-KITYes3VH-3-KITYes3EVH-5-KITElectronic
Includes Heavy Duty Power Table Feed 2VH-3-KITYes3VH-3-KITYes3EVH-5-KITYes
Includes Flood Coolant System 2VH-3-KITYes3VH-3-KITYes3EVH-5-KITYes
Includes Base Chip Pan 2VH-3-KITYes3VH-3-KITYes3EVH-5-KITYes
Includes Machine Light 2VH-3-KITYes3VH-3-KITYes3EVH-5-KITYes
Includes Front & Rear Way Covers 2VH-3-KITYes3VH-3-KITYes3EVH-5-KITYes
Includes SINO 3-Axis Digital Readout, inch/metric 2VH-3-KITYes3VH-3-KITYes3EVH-5-KITYes
100% Inspection, Calibration Prior to Shipping 2VH-3-KITYes3VH-3-KITYes3EVH-5-KITYes
Kit Price, F.O.B. Memphis, TN2VH-3-KIT$13,990.003VH-3-KIT$16,990.003EVH-5-KIT$18,990.00

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