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Ironworker Machines

For more than three decades, U.S. Industrial Machinery has been delivering industrial-grade ironworker machines to handle the toughest jobs nationwide. Whether you’re a local iron business serving the needs of customers in your community or a national brand shaping the next generation of automobiles, we have high-grade equipment at affordable prices to meet every level of job.


Performance You Can Trust

You can have confidence buying from us knowing that we complete the assembly, calibrate, test, and perform cosmetic upgrades of all in-coming machinery to meet the high standards we set for our products. All machines receive a final inspection complete with cosmetic upgrades to ensure the highest quality before leaving our warehouse for delivery to you. Each of our products delivers what you expect with the performance you can trust, job after job. And as always, we are here for the life of your machine to offer technical support, answer questions, and troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing.

Ironworker Machine Features

For the most durable machines to punch, shear, notch, and bend iron, you can count on the industry’s best by U.S. Industrial Machinery. Our machines range in punch tonnage from 66 tons to 155 tons with motor horsepower between 7.5 and 20 HP. Need a customized piece of equipment? We build those too. Other standard features on each model include:

  • Punch station
  • Angle shear station
  • Flat bar shear station
  • Notching station
  • Rod shear station
  • Electric back-gauge
  • Oversize work table with fences
  • Press brake attachment
  • Magnetic base work light
  • Punch slug chute and bucket

Experienced Sales & Support for Ironworker Machines

When you buy from U.S. Industrial Machinery, you’ll benefit from best-in-class customer service support for your equipment. We may sell products nationwide to businesses large and small, but we have always retained a personalized approach to every customer interaction. All products come with a one-year warranty, and we are here for product support and replacement parts with additional field technicians available for servicing. Contact us for a machine quote today.

U.S. Industrial Ironworker Models

PunchPunch TonnageUSHI-66-DO66USHI-66-DO-XT66USHI-90-DO90USHI-90-DO-XT90USHI-125-DO125USHI-125-DO-XT125USHI-155-DO-XT155
PunchPunching ThicknessUSHI-66-DO5/8" USHI-66-DO-XT5/8" USHI-90-DO3/4" USHI-90-DO-XT3/4" USHI-125-DO1" USHI-125-DO-XT1" USHI-155-DO-XT1 1/4"
PunchPunching DiameterUSHI-66-DO1 1/4" USHI-66-DO-XT1 1/4" USHI-90-DO1 1/4" USHI-90-DO-XT1 1/4" USHI-125-DO1 1/2" USHI-125-DO-XT1 1/2" USHI-155-DO-XT1 1/2"
PunchThroat Depth USHI-66-DO12" USHI-66-DO-XT17"USHI-90-DO14"USHI-90-DO-XT20"USHI-125-DO16"USHI-125-DO-XT24"USHI-155-DO-XT30"
PunchStroke Length USHI-66-DO0-3 1/8" USHI-66-DO-XT0-3 1/8" USHI-90-DO0-3 1/8" USHI-90-DO-XT0-3 1/8" USHI-125-DO0-3 1/8" USHI-125-DO-XT0-3 1/8" USHI-155-DO-XT0-3 1/8"
Flat Bar ShearMax. Thickness USHI-66-DO12" x 5/8" USHI-66-DO-XT12" x 5/8" USHI-90-DO14" x 3/4" USHI-90-DO-XT14" x 3/4" USHI-125-DO14" x 1" USHI-125-DO-XT14" x 1" USHI-155-DO-XT14" x 1 1/4"
Flat Bar ShearMax. Length USHI-66-DO16" x 5/16" USHI-66-DO-XT16" x 5/16" USHI-90-DO18" x 5/8" USHI-90-DO-XT18" x 5/8" USHI-125-DO23.5" x 5/8" USHI-125-DO-XT23.5" x 5/8" USHI-155-DO-XT23.5" x 3/4"
Flat Bar ShearBlade Length USHI-66-DO16" USHI-66-DO-XT16" USHI-90-DO19" USHI-90-DO-XT19"USHI-125-DO23.5"USHI-125-DO-XT23.5"USHI-155-DO-XT23.5"
Angle ShearCapacity 90 DegreesUSHI-66-DO5" x 5" x 3'8"USHI-66-DO-XT5" x 5" x 3'8"USHI-90-DO5-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 1/2"USHI-90-DO-XT5-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 1/2"USHI-125-DO6" x 6" x 5/8"USHI-125-DO-XT6" x 6" x 5/8"USHI-155-DO-XT7" x 7" x 5/8"
Angle ShearCapacity 45 DegreesUSHI-66-DO2" x 2" x 1/4"USHI-66-DO-XT2" x 2" x 1/4"USHI-90-DO2" x 2" x 3/8"USHI-90-DO-XT2" x 2" x 3/8"USHI-125-DO3" x 3" x 1/4"USHI-125-DO-XT3" x 3" x 1/4"USHI-155-DO-XT3" x 3" x 5/16"
Bar ShearRoundUSHI-66-DO1 3/4"USHI-66-DO-XT1 3/4"USHI-90-DO2"USHI-90-DO-XT2"USHI-125-DO2 3/8"USHI-125-DO-XT2 3/8"USHI-155-DO-XT2 1/2"
Bar ShearSquareUSHI-66-DO1 5/8"USHI-66-DO-XT1 5/8"USHI-90-DO2"USHI-90-DO-XT2"USHI-125-DO2 1/8"USHI-125-DO-XT2 1/8"USHI-155-DO-XT2 1/8"
NotcherWidthUSHI-66-DO2 1/4"USHI-66-DO-XT2 1/4"USHI-90-DO2 1/4"USHI-90-DO-XT2 1/4"USHI-125-DO2 1/4"USHI-125-DO-XT2 1/4"USHI-155-DO-XT2 3/8"
Misc. InformationMotorUSHI-66-DO7.5 HPUSHI-66-DO-XT7.5 HPUSHI-90-DO10 HPUSHI-90-DO-XT10 HPUSHI-125-DO15 HPUSHI-125-DO-XT15 HPUSHI-155-DO-XT20 HP
Misc. InformationWeightUSHI-66-DO3527 LBSUSHI-66-DO-XT3527 LBSUSHI-90-DO5260 LBSUSHI-90-DO-XT5260 LBSUSHI-125-DO10,560 LBSUSHI-125-DO-XT10,560 LBSUSHI-155-DO-XT14,960 LBS
Misc. InformationL x W x HUSHI-66-DO64" x 28" x 69"USHI-66-DO-XT64" x 28" x 69"USHI-90-DO73" x 35" x 74" USHI-90-DO-XT73" x 35" x 74" USHI-125-DO92" x 37" x 82" USHI-125-DO-XT92" x 37" x 82" USHI-155-DO-XT105" x 40" x 90"
Misc. InformationOil CapacityUSHI-66-DO20 GAL.USHI-66-DO-XT20 GAL.USHI-90-DO25 GAL.USHI-90-DO-XT25 GAL.USHI-125-DO33 GAL.USHI-125-DO-XT33 GAL.USHI-155-DO-XT64 GAL.
Price (FOB Memphis)USHI-66-DO$21,990.00USHI-66-DO-XT$22,990.00USHI-90-DO$23,990.00USHI-90-DO-XT$27,990.00USHI-125-DO$37,990.00USHI-125-DO-XT$41,990.00USHI-155-DO-XT$54,990.00

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