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Surface Grinders

U.S. Industrial Machinery has you covered with all of the machinery to perform artistic metalworking jobs right down to the finish. Our surface grinder inventory includes four models that offer varying levels of grinding but all provide the finish you need. Our company prides itself on the high level of customer service we provide each customer. This includes our ongoing support for you with your products, including our warranty, troubleshooting support, and traveling field technicians. Contact our team today to learn more about incredible equipment at some of the most competitive prices.


Types of Surface Grinder Operation

Each one of our surface grinders includes a two-axis readout. Operation type varies by model number, but you can find a machine that offers all manual operation, electric reciprocating and electric cross, or hydraulic reciprocating and electric cross. Each one is capable of 220- or 440-volt 3-phase electric power.

Surface Grinder Standard Features

At our Memphis, Tennessee facility we complete the assembly, calibrate, test, and perform cosmetic upgrades of all in-coming machinery. We don’t let products leave our hands until we are fully confident that they surpass our high standards. When you order one of our four standard models, you can look forward to included features, such as:

  • Sino two-axis digital readout
  • Grinding wheel
  • Balancing base and arbor
  • Wheel dresser with diamond
  • Lube system
  • Permanent magnetic chuck
  • Wheel flange
  • Toolbox and tools
  • Coolant system


Your Surface Grinder Headquarters

Since 1986, U.S. Industrial Machinery has taken a hands-on approach to sales and customer service. Our customer base is made up of equal parts local mom and pop service providers and national corporations, and we offer the same level of detail and care to both. Whether you need a basic surface grinding machine for small shop jobs or a custom-built piece of equipment for industrial-sized work, we can provide a solution for you. Contact us for a quote today.

U.S. Industrial Surface Grinder Models

Surface GrinderUSG618A-S USG618S-SD USG1022-SY USG1224-SY
Surface GrinderTwo-Axis Readout Included USG618A-S Yes USG618S-SD Yes USG1022-SY Yes USG1224-SY Yes
Surface GrinderType of Operation USG618A-S All Manual USG618S-SD Electric Recip. and Elec. Cross USG1022-SY Hydraulic recip, electric cross USG1224-SY Hydraulic recip, electric cross
Surface GrinderSlideway Type USG618A-S V Rail With Ball Track USG618S-SD V Rail With Ball Track USG1022-SY Double V Type Rail USG1224-SY Double V Type Rail
Surface GrinderMachine Lube System USG618A-S One-Shot Manual USG618S-SD One-Shot Manual USG1022-SY Part of Hydraulic System USG1224-SY Part of Hydraulic System
Surface GrinderFunction of table reciprocationUSG618A-S Manual-handwheel onlyUSG618S-SD Elec. Drive table & crossUSG1022-SY Hydraulic recip onlyUSG1224-SY Hydraulic recip only
Surface GrinderWheelhead movement up/downUSG618A-S handwheel-manualUSG618S-SD handwheel-manualUSG1022-SY handwheel-manualUSG1224-SY handwheel and power elevation
Surface GrinderWheelhead dial graduationUSG618A-S .0002"USG618S-SD .0002"USG1022-SY .0002"USG1224-SY .0004"
Surface GrinderPerm mag chuck includedUSG618A-S 5.9" x 15.75"USG618S-SD 5.9" x 15.75"USG1022-SY 9.8" x 19.7"USG1224-SY 11.8" x 23.6"
Surface GrinderPole spacing of mag chuckUSG618A-S .125"USG618S-SD .125"USG1022-SY .125"USG1224-SY .090"
Surface GrinderTable/cross travel maxUSG618A-S 18" x 7"USG618S-SD 18" x 7"USG1022-SY 22" x 10.2"USG1224-SY 24.8" x 12.6"
Surface GrinderCross dial graduationUSG618A-S .0005"USG618S-SD .0005"USG1022-SY .0005"USG1224-SY .0005"
Surface GrinderGrinding wheel suppliedUSG618A-S 7" x 1/2" - 1.25" holeUSG618S-SD 7" x 1/2" - 1.25" holeUSG1022-SY 8" x 3/4" -1.25" holeUSG1224-SY 12" x 1-1/4" - 3" hole
Surface GrinderDist under wheel to chuckUSG618A-S 7 -1/2"USG618S-SD 7 -1/2"USG1022-SY 10"USG1224-SY 11 - 1/2"
Surface GrinderWheel balancing arbor/baseUSG618A-S Yes - includedUSG618S-SD Yes - includedUSG1022-SY Yes - includedUSG1224-SY Yes - included
Surface GrinderOver wheel diamond dresserUSG618A-S No - table dresserUSG618S-SD Yes - includedUSG1022-SY Yes - includedUSG1224-SY Yes - included
Surface GrinderWorklightUSG618A-S includedUSG618S-SD includedUSG1022-SY includedUSG1224-SY included
Surface GrinderSpindle RPMUSG618A-S 3360USG618S-SD 3360USG1022-SY 3360USG1224-SY 1680
Surface GrinderSpindle HPUSG618A-S 2 HPUSG618S-SD 2 HPUSG1022-SY 2 HPUSG1224-SY 3 HP
Surface GrinderHydraulic SystemUSG618A-S NAUSG618S-SD NAUSG1022-SY 2 HP - 21 gallonsUSG1224-SY 3 HP - 27 gallons
Surface GrinderCoolant Pump - Tank sizeUSG618A-S 40 watt - 9 gallonsUSG618S-SD 40 watt - 9 gallonsUSG1022-SY 40 watt - 9 gallonsUSG1224-SY 40 watt - 9 gallons
Surface GrinderVoltage - Customer specifyUSG618A-S 220/440, 3 phaseUSG618S-SD 220/440, 3 phaseUSG1022-SY 220/440, 3 phaseUSG1224-SY 220/440, 3 phase
Surface GrinderFull load amps @ 220 VoltsUSG618A-S 4USG618S-SD 6USG1022-SY 20USG1224-SY 20
Surface GrinderGross WeightUSG618A-S 1690 lbs.USG618S-SD 1690 lbs.USG1022-SY 2,300 lbs.USG1224-SY 3,400 lbs.
Surface GrinderShipping DimensionsUSG618A-S 40"L x 45"W x 70"TUSG618S-SD 40"L x 45"W x 70"TUSG1022-SY 48"L x 66"W x 73"TUSG1224-SY 56"Lx 72"W x 76"T
Surface GrinderPrice F.O.B. Memphis, TNUSG618A-S $10,990.00 USG618S-SD $13,990.00USG1022-SY $18,990.00USG1224-SY $24,990.00

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