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U.S. Industrial Press Brakes

Welcome to U.S. Industrial Machinery. Below you will find a list of our hydraulic press brake models, ranging in size from 22 tons to 440 tons, 4' length to 13' length. Click on any of the models listed below to open up a PDF quote containing machine specifications, standard equipment, pricing, available options and a photograph. Take a look at the video below for a detailed overview of our press brakes.

Our color graphic CNC press brakes can tackle projects that require precision, speed and volume. The control has a 6" LCD touchscreen, controls both the bend angle and backgauge position and allows 10 bends per program/cross section. It features a tool library, auto bend sequence, auto backgauge retract, spread length, interference bend chart, calculated bend allowance, programmable ram dwell and more, and can be used with a removable USB drive for virtually unlimited program storage.

For jobs that do not require such controls and benefit more from keeping it simple, we offer MANUAL hydraulic press brakes. These machines have a front-operated POWER backgauge and ram adjust with digital readouts and fine adjustment handwheels for both, making this a powerful machine that is easy to get started on.

Users of U.S. Industrial machines range from Fortune 500 companies all the way to NASA. Take a look at our Well Known User page to see a sample of customers who have discovered that U.S. Industrial is the best machine tool value in the industry.

For any questions you may have that are not answered here do not hesitate to call and talk to us at (800) 860-1850. We will be happy to help you size your machine and discuss capabilities.

250 Ton

155 Ton Manual

Close-up of manual control is shown to the right. These machines have a front-operated power backgauge and power ram adjustment, both with manual fine adjustment and digital readouts. Operators pendant has dwell adjustment for ram, key lockout, jog control and E-stop.

Manual Control for Press Brake

Trade-Ins Available (Call for Details)

-US Industrial Model USHB155-13

-Standard Industrial Model AB100-10

Machine Parts

We keep a large array of U.S. Industrial Machinery parts in stock in Memphis, TN, having 5,000 square feet dedicated to electrical components, hydraulic components, pumps, hardware, computers, motors, seals, blades, cylinders and more.

Parts Department

More Press Brake Videos

The following videos demonstrate the difference between standard backgauge and servo backgauge.

Standard Backgauge

Servo Backgauge

Our machines are shipped without oil. Please refill the oil before operating the machine. Also remember that the machines must be anchored and leveled, or the warranty may be voided. Full 220V or 440V is required. Low voltage may hinder operation of or damage the machine.